Just what is Gas Checker?


Gas Checker is the No 1 Software for Gas Engineers, Plumbers and Heating Engineers in the UK and Ireland. Gas Checker can be found on the Apple Appstore and the Google Play store and has over 11800 members and growing every day.


Gas Checker allows Gas Engineers to quickly and easily create multiple types of Gas Reports you use every day. You can create digital Gas Reports in a few taps and email them off to your customers in seconds. All Records and Reports get saved to your device and also get synced to the cloud to view on your PC when you’re at home or in the office.


Being Gas Engineers ourselves, we’re well versed in the industry… we know what our customers want and need to help them run their whole business more smoothly. This  saves them lots of time and money…its a win win.


Gas Checker launched in 2012 from a pipe dream from one man – A Gas engineer who wanted to use the growing popularity of smart phones and tablets and use that to help him grow and operate his plumbing business more smoothly. That was “day one”…a long time ago and now Gas Checker has grown significantly to be the No 1 provider in the UK with constant updates and new features added every month. Gas Checker never stops evolving and will continue to be the No 1 provider in the UK if not the world.

Sign up today to Gas Checker and get a free 30 day trial, once you start to go paperless you’ll never look back.




How the industry is changing


Recently we have seen a huge wave of new businesses joining Gas Checker, it seems that  the realisation of having Gas Reports and Invoices as data instead of static paper (which is hard to manage) has kicked in, and now many users enjoying the boost it’s giving them.


  • Digital
  • Paper


  • Digital
  • Paper


  • Digital
  • Paper


  • Digital
  • Paper

Our Journey so far.

We’ve come along way as a software provider over the lats few years and our plan is to continue to grow the software, adding more features and helping even more Plumbers and Heating Engineers grow their business’.

Y/E 2017 1875 users
Y/E 2018 2467 users
Y/E 2019 5567 users
Y/E 2020 11344 users
Y/E 2021 (Target) 16000 users