Customer Database made simple.


CRM systems (Customer Relations Management) and CMS Systems (Customer Management Systems) are more or less the same thing and are used to make the storing of your customer details much easier and faster.


Customer Database


Gas Checker’s customer database is a feature that no Gas Engineer can live without. We take away all the hassle, pain and all those long hours spent trying to import/export/manage your customer database.


Gas Checker automatically add’s any new client or any new property installations from your Gas Checker files to your Gas Checker database, in the background without you even knowing it… meaning you can’t get it wrong or mess it up.


Growing and managing your customer database is one of the most important things any business can do. It’s fundamental to your business. If you don’t currently have any provisions for a customer database then there is no better time to start…it’s rule no 1 for modern business.


How it works.


Simply use Gas Checker to


  • Create Invoices
  • Create Quotes
  • Create Gas Reports
  • Create Job Sheet
  • Create Service Records
  • Create Appointments
  • Create Commissioning records


We’ll add your customers details to a nice neat and tidy table so you can search, delete, edit and view all your customer easily


Enter as much contact info as possible when prompted, sync – then sit back and watch your database grow, the days of duplicate entries are long gone we’ll strip them out for your without any problem.