Gas Checker foldersGas Checker allows you to create customised Gas Reports with your company logo to enhance your business profile and look professional.

You can then instantly email or print certificates for your customers while on the job. You can pick from many different types of files which will be automatically stored on your device in separate folders to keep it all nice and clean and tidy.


PRO and PRO+ users have the enhanced feature of daily rolling backups of all your files and folders meaning no matter what happens you can’t lose your files, even if your device is lost stollen or damaged.




Gas Checker provides the following gas reports on its Mobile App:


  1. Domestic/Landlord Gas Safety Report
  2. Gas Warning Notice
  3. Gas Service Checklist
  4. Leisure Industry Gas safety Reports
  5. LPG Gas Safety Reports
  6. Commercial Gas Safety Record
  7. 7 day cooling off period form
  8. Commissioning form
  9. CD11 Oil
  10. Commercial Catering Inspection Records
  11. Commercial Plan-Room Service Record
  13. Invoices
  14. Commercial testing and purging
  15. Commercial Gas Safety Record
  16. Legionella Risk Assessments
  17. Boiler Commissioning Record


The benefits of creating digital files with Gas Checker:

  • Engineers and customer signature capture
  • Company Logo and gas safe Logo
  • Annual Reminders of all certificates by SMS, Email and Letter
  • Adds all customers to database automatically
  • Email or Print PDF on site direct to customer
  • Can be used independent of any internet connection
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Save all your Gas certificates to your device so you never lose them.
  • Save the endless writing of paper certificates with repetitive information