Gas Checker is able to send SMS messages to your customers when a Gas Service or Gas Certificate falls due. Our system automatically alerts you when this is the case, and if configured to automatically send, will send your customer an SMS message informing them thats its due.
Research shows that SMS messages has an average 98% open rate compared to around 40% open rate for emails. SMS over the next 5 years will be the biggest source of marketing and thats why we have enabled SMS reminders.


……Wait we hear you thinking “I don’t really want Gas Checker sending out SMS or text message reminders to MY customers” well do not fear Gas Checkers sophisticated system allows you to set your “from” sender id on the text/sms reminder to your business name or number.


In your Online Account go to template manager and here you will see your telephone number is the default “from” ID, if you want to change this to your company name you can do so. (unfortunately this is limited to 11 characters)