GasChecker SMS Reminder Service

GasChecker SMS Reminder Service

At GasChecker, we are constantly thinking of ways that we can help to improve the service that you give to your customers, which is why we are now offering SMS Reminders for you to send to your customers to remind them of when a service is due. This aims to reduce the number of cancellations, and forgotten appointments, which will hopefully reduce the amount of money your business loses.


The system will alert you to when these are due, and can automatically send SMS messages to your customers, which will inform them that it is due. These reminders have already proven to be a massive success in other businesses, with an average of 98% open rate, compared to just 40% open rate for emails. It has also been predicted that it SMS will be the biggest form of marketing in just 5 years, so by adopting this feature now, it will keep your business up to date with all the latest technology.

At GasChecker, we will ensure that your company name is at the top of the message, so it appears to be coming from your company, with no involvement from us whatsoever. We handle everything in a very professional manner, and in your personal account, we even give you the option of creating your own template, so you know exactly what is being sent to your customers.

This reminder service can make a huge, positive difference to your customers, and your business. If you would like further information regarding the matter, or for other ways in which GasChecker can help you to organise your business and clients, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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